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We are a holistic business coaching and website service for business owners who have an unrelenting vision and mission to change something in their community or the world.  They want a collaborative, trustworthy partner who can guide them to create success in their business and handle their website technology needs. 

Your brand, business, and online presence is a reflection of you and your energy…

Which is why we focus on alignment.  Aligning you and your brand with your message, audience, imagery, content, business beliefs and values, marketing and technology plans is what makes us unique. We have the expertise and knowledge of all the integral parts of your online presence and how they are all connected as a whole. 

If this resonates, schedule your ‘no strings’ strategy session today.

Strategic Planning

Strategy is the key to knowing what to do and when in your business. Stop rolling those gorgeous eyes.  I’m not talking about a thousand page document that collects inches of dust on the shelf! I’m talking about a 1 to 3 page guide and angel to have at your side throughout the year as you work in and on your business. Ultimately, this one thing will save you money and give you back precious time to be with your clients.

Audience Alignment

All this talk about ideal clients and their profiles does not work for everyone. If your business is not thriving, this is a place to start, not revisit.

I invite you to say goodbye to conventional and take a conscious approach to knowing who you are here to serve, how you help them, what you do with them, and magnetic ways to find them.

Image Alignment

Once you’re reciprocally aligned with your audience, your pictures, graphics, icons, fonts, and other visuals that’s just what they are looking for… which makes connecting with your people, sharing what you do with them, and reaching out to them easier to do. Once again you save money and have more time to enjoy yourself, life and business.

Content Alignment

Aligning your content and messaging with your audience and then sharing it with others inside and outside your circle of influence is your key to igniting your thriving business.  Content by itself is not king… it becomes king when you create it for your audience and share it widely.

Website Creation

Now that you have your strategy, audience, image and content alignment, we can now build or tweak your website. We keep it simple and focused on who you are here to serve, how and when you want to serve them, and maintain alignment in your messaging.  When you are aligned with your strategy, audience,  visuals, and content, it is easier to create a site that functionally serves you and your clients.

Ongoing Support

Now that you have each of these blocks of your business built, we provide ongoing support and coaching along the way to keep you aligned, shift gears if necessary to serve you and your audience, and keep your website secure and operational.

Having a partner who understands you and your business is precious.  Having ongoing support throughout the year to review your strategy and alignment with your audience, images, and content assures you having a thriving business that fulfills your mission.

Happy customers.

Peace of Mind

Our woman-owned business needed more than my old-fashioned word of mouth approach to promoting and marketing the Bed and Breakfast. Although our business had repeat clients, we were not expanding, our website was antiquated and social media was a foreign language to me. Darshana (Our Tech Queen), with her tech savviness, business acumen, and ability to connect with me Spiritually was able to keep the integrity of our mission statement and expand our client base with her understanding of the latest and best technologies. We were at a crossroads of either choosing to get on board with all the variety of options or be left behind. We chose Darshana for her ability to understand our business, listen to our needs and those of our customers, and create what we ask for. Our business is stepping into the new world and Darshana has been just what we needed.

Breezy Oaks Bed and Breakfast

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